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We are groups of Hackers and Makers that produce quality robots. We works / studies mechatronics, that mean that we works on mechanical, electrical, telecommunications , control, CAD and computer science.

Our project aim to use the idea of Poppy-project Human side and other existing robots to works on a more improved solution, more resistant, able to react faster to its environment.

I.A.W. is an independent part where we continue to study mechatronics by different types of projects, with different types of robots and / or material each one adapted for the situations. ~ there is a trouble, we search a solution.

We are also studying materials, chemicals and physics field because that Sciences represents many interests.

Mecha workaround.png

Computer Science have been be our first study from 1996, we have also studies other field with a more theoretical approach. Robotics projects are the playground to test and continue to increase our knowledge.


What we do? How? To reach which goal?


We are improving our skill to make the things works following:

  1. K.I.S.S. Principle
  2. Y.A.G.N.I. Princile
  3. D.R.Y. Principle
  • Improve computing Hardware skills
  • Improve computing Kernel skills
  • Improve computing Operating Systems skills
  • Improve computing Programming skills
  • Improve control skills
  • Improve electronic skills
  • Improve mechanical skills
  • Improve electromechanical skills
  • Improve CAD skills
  • Improve / Create different type of robots
  • Share what we learn / discover / test


Computer Sciences

We study Computer Sciences and other Sciences for a better understand of our environment and be able to act on it from using robotics or most appropriate stuff to study it.

At this time each of us use these solutions and works on some of that projects!

Robotics Mechatronics Playground

Because robotics and mechatronics are the logical sequences in Computer Science, we are also studying it. You can find more information following the links

To control and perform your robots to your wish, you will need some electronic stuff and serial cable to get information process on it and make program to run your micocontrollers to your wish.

Software List and Git Repositories

This section list the software we use to control / make the robots autonomous from the servo motor to its own A.I.

Artificial Intelligence A.I.

There is different form of Artificial Intelligence, this one grow with experimentation and programming Knowledge Acquisition and all bring different solutions.

Our robots need a bit of Intelligence, for different reasons. We will explain in this section and the ways to implement it using ROS and Python.


"La Philosophie m'a appris ceci: Ce que je fais sans que l'on me l'ordonne, les autres, le font par crainte de la loi" --Aristote

Philosophy is part of the Cognitive Sciences. Without Pilosophy world would be without Humanity. Humanity is what most of people which works in robotics want to reproduce.

How To

The How to part is here to help you to find your way rapidly in the Operating System setup and be ready to boot on a robotic solution from your first day in robotics!


Because it is fun!

Every form of knowledge are welcome!

join us on irc.freenode.net #Hackers-Lab to give your suggestion and/or join editors of the wiki

We give you information and help to reach your goal with official and original documentation, books or wiki.

For more information about IRC get time to read IRC commands and Nickserv for registering your nickname and much more.


For who Hackers-lab is made ?

Hacking have your imagination for limit. It's sure that a bit of bucks help, but we try to do things as cheap as possible.

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